Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello anyone.
E and I are now in Scheer at the wonderful Faust Studios. Joachim Irmler is busy cooking some delicious meal that will involve a lot of meat (not fish).
We escaped the UK quite smoothly. So sorry we could not advertise our shows there.
We played with the Nightingales at Glastonbury. I have never been to such a large concert(s) and have never seen so many muddy people nor smelled such foul public restrooms. We camped out in the "artist" area (at least the ones that are not famous enough to get hotel rooms) and as the Gales said, "just be glad we aren't out there with the rest of the punters". Indeed.
We played first on saturday at 11 a.m. on the John Peel stage and our set was used basically as a sound check for the rest of the day. I had an amplifier fall on me. Ironically the Nightingales were the only band on that stage to have actually known John Peel and be promoted by him. The good part was that we rocked dispite the bad sound.
But now we are geared up for a wonderful month here so please tell any friends you may have in Germany to check us out. Our first show is in Offenbach at Hafen II , July 12th 10 pm.
We are missing our families and friends but are quite excited to be playing so much music.
- C&E

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