Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Germany So Far...

Hello Everyone,

Well, I dont have much time to tell the long versions of our journey so far, but the short way for me to say it is Christy and I are having what you would call an adventure!

We arrived in the UK with the "normal" stress and headaches of lost baggage (including her guitar) and immigration grumbles, but thanks to the Glastonbury invite we were allowed entry and slowly over the next few days all of the lost items were returned. Glastonbury was of course the muddy mess that it is famous for, but we saw two incredible shows: Neil Young and Horace Andy.

The UK dates went really well and we made a lot of fans in a place I've never heard of before, called Derby. I was able to join the Nightingales for my first official shows with them and had a blast. Most importantly we became part of the Garrett family, who really took care of us and helped us get medicine for Christy's case of bronchitis. We played a few shows with Gina Birch and got to meet other members of the Raincoats as well. We joined Robert Llyod on his session with John Kennedy at xfm, who is still playing tracks from our new record, Superstition.

Andi Schmid helped us across the French border with all of our gear and got us finally down to our other "family" at Klangbad studios for a few days of rest. The german dates started on July 12th and have included ship harbors (Offenbach), hippie farms (Kassel, Puch Fest), fancy restaurants (Schwerin, Munich, Berlin), east german bars (Leipzig), art gallleries (Leipzig), proper clubs (Ulm, Hamburg), pizza parlors (Buchloe), old abandoned train cars (Stuttgart), and today we travel outside of Munich to play in a small town where the local fire department has lent us their PA.

We've played on several radio stations here as well, including in Hamburg and a great session at zundfunk here in Munich. Our show in Schwerin was taped by the local television station and can be watched here:
Yesterday we got a great tour from Dirk Wagner of the Suddeutsche Zeitung and went to a pretty fabulous tomato party. We decided to end the evening with a trip to the hospital (why not?) to check out our various ailments (Christy's lingering cough and my stomach virus) and I was asked the hilarious question: "maybe it was the Munich beer?"

We travel to Vienna and the Czech Republic this weekend as our adventure continues...

Much love from Europe and hope that everyone is having a great summer!


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